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Taig Sherline Lathe Heavy Duty Headstock MT3 bore & Jaw Chuck Plate

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Quick Note Because of High Demand --- On average, it's taking about 60 days build time for current orders depending up on stock.

For Taig Micro Lathe it requires the dovetail adapter and for TaigTurn it requires the Billet Adapter

Are you looking to increase your Taig or Sherline lathe jaw chuck capacity or use 5C collets? We all know that the tiny jaw chucks from Taig and Sherline are ok for very light work...but they can be a problem with hard or large materials. For example steel stock wants to slip right out of those tiny chucks during a cut. Adding a larger chuck to the stock Sherline or Taig headstocks is also a problem. Their tiny bearings just aren't made for the larger load of a "beefier" chuck. You now have a solution! Check out the specs below:

  • MT3 bore spindle for your precision collet work holding (3/4" max collet holding size)
  • Easy direct fit for Sherline and Dovetail Adapter available for Taig lathes (using on a Taig will require a tool riser)
  • Built in chuck adapter plate. You can directly mount a much more heavy duty 80mm or 3" chucks to the built in adapter.
  • Need a bigger chuck? You can mount up to 6" jaw chucks using adapter plate (available from You'll likely need a headstock riser for chucks larger than 3".
  • Many like the idea of using 5C collets. Just add a 5C chuck and adapter to make your own 5C chucker lathe.
  • .0005 or better TIR bore
  • Large 62MM OD bearings to handle the extra weight of a larger chuck
  • Large .805" through hole for longer stock pass-through the backside

You can now use a wide variety of chucks and are no longer locked into using small thin Sherline or Taig chucks. Imagine your new possibilities!

What you need to know: Build time is typically 2 weeks if everything is in stock. Because we sell these for many different machines, not everyone wants the same pulleys are sold separately.

Want more power to handle bigger chucks? Add one of our 750 watt or 1,200 watt brushless motor to your order!

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