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Sherline Taig Lathe-Mill Headstock ER40 Spindle Upgrade

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Quick Note! --- The design has changed from previous versions...we no longer use threads on the back end of the spindle shaft. Also, on average, it's taking about 60 days build time for current orders depending up on stock.

---Taig requires our Dovetail Adapter for Micro Lathe and Billet Adapter for TaigTurn---

The Sherline and Taig headstocks are a good little headstock, but it’s a bit too small for some needs. Because of the demand for a more robust headstock with larger bearings; we introduce the Glock Billet Headstock. It has all the mounting features of a stock Sherline headstock to keep it completely compatible with Sherline products. Plus, it has additional mounts for custom machines. Using our adapter, it's also a direct fit for Taig lathes & mills. We have added flanged sized with 6 additional mounting holes for custom machines.

  • You can now have a more robust 3.5”W x 3.5”T x 3.0”L main body. The new flange portion accepts 6 5/16" socket head screws (total width is 5.080" including flange). Center line of spindle is 1.75” (Same as OEM Sherline).
  • Larger 62mm OD bearings for heavier work load and superior wear, so you can use heavier chucks, parts or cutters (stock Sherline is only 42mm OD & Taig is only 40mm). Plus, our bearings are much wider.
  • Stock bearings are deep groove ABEC-5. Optional bearings are ABEC-7 deep groove and angular contact, and ABEC-9 angular contact.
  • Motor mounts on both sides of the headstock for left or right configurations.
  • Plenty of extra room/material for adding any custom screw holes.
  • Sherline compatible alignment grooves on both sides of the center mount post hole.
  • TIR .0004"


  • While not necessary, we do recommend using our 750 or 1,200 watt motor for this. This is because the bearings are much more heavy duty. If you choose to use a stock Sherline motor, it will work, however you will need a longer belt (it will directly mount, holes are in the same place and size as on a stock Sherline headstock).
  • Taig motors will not work effectively with this headstock. The motor and belts are just way too weak. While Taig machine bodies are very well made, the motor and belts won't be enough.
  • Pulley - We offer a 3 step Sherline compatible pulley option. We shrink fit the pulley to the shaft.


  • ABEC-7 or ABEC-9 accuracy grades
  • Deep groove or angular contact bearings
  • Large Bore
  • ER40 Adjustable collet nut

Please note: Because of heavy demands, please expect about a 4 week build time.

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