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Sherline Industrial Headstock with ISO-20 Spindle


Sherline Industrial Headstock with ISO-20 Spindle 38270

Everybody loves a scratch-N-dent sale!

This is a Sherline industrial headstock mounted with an ISO-20 spindle. The reason this one is a scratch-N-dent model is because of just one reason: The ISO-20 spindle has a .003" runout. However, the headstock, bearings, and the spindle arbor are all new.

One of the neat features about your new ISO-20 headstock is; you can insert and remove the ISO tooling with a simple wrench, or better yet, a cordless impact driver. You'll want to get a bolt to use as a drawbar (we don't have any drawbars in stock for this model). You simple buy ISO-20 tooling and remove the pull stud, if it came with one. You'll be using the threads that the pull stud would use. Then simply use a bolt as your drawbar...and that's it. You now have a fully functional ISO-20 headstock.

The headstock uses our unique spindle arbor. It has two very important features;

  • Low Profile Mounting - You'll be able to have maximum Z axis work envelope because the spindle only sticks down by 5mm. This is a huge plus for small mills.
  • Your ISO-20 Tool Taper Seats Into the Bearing Area - When engineering a spindle, you optimally want the tool taper as close to the bearings as possible. This makes for a more rigid setup. This gives you better cut quality and cutting speed. This design also doesn't add any unwanted leverage against the bearing, like you would have with many other spindles that stick out further. The benefit here is reduced bearing wear, which means a longer bearing life.

Things you should know: This is a Sherline Industrial Headstock. They are not direct fits for Sherline mills or lathes. However, you can make an adapter so it fits a Sherline or Taig mill. For more info on Sherline Industrial Headstocks, just Google it. Most people use these for custom builds. We do not currently have any pulleys in stock that will fit the 30mm shaft. We should have them in October. Otherwise, you can make your own or bore out a Sherline OEM pulley to 30mm. This spindle can't be used for ATC purposes (unless you design one that can screw and unscrew the drawbar automatically). It is not designed for use with an ATC petal clamp. Tooling not included. The blackish appearance on surfaces is from the hardening process and only cosmetic.

We only have a few of, don't wait or you'll totally miss out!

$297 In stock
Sherline Industrial Headstock with ISO-20 Spindle Sherline Industrial Headstock with ISO-20 Spindle Sherline Industrial Headstock with ISO-20 Spindle