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Sherline ISO-20 Headstock

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If you're looking for a great high-speed headstock with great precision and quick tool changes, then this is a huge bargain for you. Do you have, or are considering, a router, Taig mill, Sherline mill or other custom setup? If so, then this is for you. Imagine getting quick change tooling with .0001" to .0002" runout...and that tooling can be as little as $30 per tool to invest in. With your new ISO-20 headstock, that's exactly what you'll have.

NEW ISO-20 Headstock - A Great Upgrade For Your Sherline Mill (Or Any Custom Build For That Matter)

The GlockCNC ISO-20 is the perfect fit for guys who don't want something to big, yet want changeable tooling, can run high speeds and has great precision. If that sounds like what you want, then this is for you. How are we able to offer it so cheaply?

The best way to reduce the build cost on a ISO-20 system is; skip the petal clamp stud puller. Many ISO-20 headstocks are designed for a pneumatic pullbar system. Frankly, it's just as fast to use an cordless impact driver with a socket adapter on a pull bar as it is to use a pneumatic system (ok, well it might take you an extra 2 seconds...but it's still super fast). You see, for a good quality petal clamp it's actually quite expensive. Plus, if you use a petal clamp system, you'll need a larger diameter bearing and bigger headstock casing. This is because the spindle arbor will need to be larger in diameter. All that stuff really adds up fast. The solution...a simple pullbar using the threads already built into the ISO-20 tooling. This means we were able to use our existing headstock casings and current stock of bearings. That translates to a super bargain for you. What are some of the other benefits?

The Taper Goes Into The Bearings - One of the goals when creating a spindle arbor is to get the tool taper to be inside the bearings. This puts the work load on the inside of the bearing race...where it belongs. With most other spindles, the tooling taper hanging well outside of the bearing ID. That's not what you want. Our spindles use a stub nose spindle arbor. This allows us to place the tooling high up into the bearing...and that's exactly what you want.

High Precision Tooling - You only need to go to eBay or Amazon to find inexpensive super precision tooling. You can find tools with .0001" to .0002" runout for about $30 to $50. Sometimes I see ISO-20 tooling for even cheaper. Of course, you can buy higher end tooling if you want, the choice is yours. The two most common collet chucks for ISO-20 tooling are ER16 and ER20 tools. Depending upon what ER system you choose, that gives you a range of 1/32" to 9/16" (1mm to 13mm) cutter holding capacity.

Fast Tool Changes - As mentioned before, just get yourself a cordless impact driver with a socket adapter. You can now zip the drawbar in and out with ease and speed. No more fooling around with a fix ER chuck on your mill or router.

So, I Can Use This As a Router AND Cut Metal? - Absolutely! Your limit will likely be your CNC routers frame. Do some experimenting to figure out your feeds and speeds. Of course, you can also use this for all the wood routing you desire. You are no longer limited by the tiny wimpy bearings used in routers or cheap VFD spindles. Those other router spindles just aren't designed for higher loads.

Fits About Everything - The headstocks are a direct fit for Sherline products, but can be adapted to about anything with a little ingenuity.

Can I Hog Full Depth With My 1/2" End Mill In Steel? - No. And don't try. This is an amazing headstock, but it's not a massive Mazak machining center. Work within it's limits and you'll have a great little machine.

Is Any Tooling Included? - We do show some tooling in our images, but none is included. All tooling is up to you.

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