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Sherline & Taig Brushless Motor Upgrade 1,200 Watt CNC Controllable

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Quick Note Because of High Demand --- We are now accepting new orders for the next shipment. On average, it's taking about 3 months to get our parts orders in (we keep selling out and the supply chain is still slow). To keep things fair, we can only hold "spots" in the next order for paid customers. In other words, the longer a person waits to order, the more likely they will miss out on getting in on the current order batch. This is because, just like the previous order, the incoming order will likely sell out before we even get it! Thanks, James...

Looking for a Sherline or Taig motor upgrade? This is for you if you're looking for ultimate power. Our typical customers for the 1,200 Watt are commercial and high end hobbyist. Like our other brushless motor, it produces high torque at any RPM. This is because the brushless driver will feed any needed power to maintain RPM. This is a great Industrial Continuous Duty Brushless Motor for your lathe or mill. The motor RPM is 5,400. Of course, your final spindle RPM will depend upon your pulley ratio.

What you get:

  • 1,200 Watt High Torque Brushless Continuous Duty Motor (fan cooled)
  • CNC controllable through 0-5v signal signal or 0-10v using included resistors, PWM using widely available PWM to 0-5v adapter
  • About the same weight as stock motor, but with much more power
  • No modifications needed for Sherline or Taig to mount (or course, it mounts directly to our Heavy Duty Headstocks as well).
  • Brushless controller with 5 digit motor tachometer showing motor speed
  • Remote wired motor driver
  • Motor RPM 5,400
  • Motor is reversible through the controller
  • 110v or 220 volt
  • Kit includes: Brushless Motor + Controller, Mounts & Cabling
  • To use the largest groove on the pulley, you will want to also order the 210 size belt
  • Fyi...Including the mounts, here are the weight numbers;
    Taig OEM mill motor with mounts: 12lb 7oz
    GlockCNC 1,200 watt with mounts: 9lb 12oz
    GlockCNC 750 watt with mounts: 9lb 7oz
  • OPTIONS....
  • The pictured pulley with belt is optional because some like to use their own pulley. Shaft is 14mm with 5mm key
  • The optional control box features; Speed Control Knob, Direction, Engage, & Brake switches
  • (Headstocks in any pictures are sold separately)

    Manual: 1200 Watt GlockCNC Manual

    3 Step L Type Pulley Diameters: 1st 66mm, 2nd 54mm, 3rd 42mm

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