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ER40 Sherline or Taig Headstock 0.0003" TIR

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Normal price for this model with upgraded bearings is $ can grab this one for just $397

Model: ER40 Heavy Duty Headstock Casing (Large Bore version 0.79")

TIR: 0.0003"

Bearings: Sealed ABEC-7 Deep Groove

Reason for Discount: We packed this into the bearings a little too tightly, so it turns a bit stiff from the bearing preload...and I don't feel like reseating it in the bearings. So, you can either use this as a lower RPM spindle or reseat it to reduce the bearing preload for higher speed use.

Notes: This is our latest ER spindle designed from the best spindle grinding company we've ever used! You can use a quarter moon nose type ER32 wrench on the chuck portion...which is a big improvement from trying to find a large thin wrench to fit over the chuck like normal ER40 chucks. Does not include a pulley. The rear part of spindle is 30mm.

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