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Adjustable ER Collet Nut - ER32 Size


Adjustable ER Collet Nut - ER32 Size AZER32

Finally, you can now "Zero Out" your work piece on a lathe or a cutter for milling (great for our ER headstocks and any ER tool holders). See, here is the beauty of the new GlockCNC Absolute-Zero-ER Nut; you can compensate for both the spindle and collet runout…plus, you are able to zero-out the runout at the furthest tip of the part or cutter. As you know, runout is greatest farthest away from the collet chuck. Just put your test indicator at the furthest part, measure and adjust.

Here is how it all works.

Our special collet nut has two major pieces; the outer nut with threads and the inner compression ring (the whole assembly is held together by a retention ring). There are 6 socket head set screws around the outer edge ER nut. Back all of them out until the top of the set screw is flush with the collet nut surface. Tighten the mounted collet nut onto the work piece or cutter. Place your test indicator at the farthest point of what you are clamping. Turn the spindle to see where your part or cutter is “out of round” and hold it there. Simply adjust the corresponding set screw to zero out the part or cutter on the test indicator. Do this for any area that is out round. That’s it.

Here’s the secret. The set screws don’t press on the collet.

They press on the inner collet compression ring. This uniformly adjusts small areas of the collet. This allows you to compensate for spindle and collet error. You see, the spindle will have a certain amount of error and so will any collet. When you put the collet in the spindle, you add error on top of error. This is call stacking. Your new Absolute-Zero-ER nut is your solution for this. It can compensate for that combined error (of course, if your spindle, part or cutter is too far out of whack, then you may still have some error…makes sense right?).



Zero out the actual work piece for super accurate work

Great where you must have absolutely the highest accuracy or small parts where you can’t afford to lose too much material


When your end mills are dialed into Zero, your end mills will last longer. This is because all flutes are cutting evenly.

If your end mill isn’t turning true, that means some flutes are doing most of the cutting while others aren’t. This means flutes that are doing most of the work will wear out more quickly.

More accurate finished products.

If your cutter is actually moving in an oblong fashion instead of round; you will have an in accurate finished part. It will remove more material than you may have planned on. You can now get the accuracy similar to a shrink fit tooling system without the major investment. All by using our Absolute-Zero-ER nut

Look, we understand that buying ultra precision components aren’t cheap...and this is no exception.

But if you require absolute accuracy; then this could end up being the cheapest investment you could make toward that end, period.

Available in ER40, ER32 and ER25.

Requires collet nut wrench one size bigger than stock. In other words, the ER40 version will require an ER50 collet nut wrench, ER32 needs ER40, ER25 needs ER32. Collet wrenches are available for all sizes.

(Quick side note; these are made in batches and are in demand.

It’s best to you as many as you want and order as soon as possible. All are sold first come first serve before going on the waiting list. This price is for the collet nut only, headstock in images is sold separately.)

$199 In stock
Collet Wrench For ER32 Abosolute Zero Nut ER40 Collet Wrench (19)
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