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4 Axis Digital CNC Stepper Control Board

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This is a great board for those looking to use steppers for there benchtop CNC machine. It's called the C85 and I would compare this to the Geckdrive G540. The great thing about this board is that it has a slight edge performance wise over the Geckodrive G540, yet it's much less expensive. You'll also have a ton of documentation and simple diagrams for various setup options.


This card has been designed to provide a flexible interface and functions to your computer projects, by using the parallel port control software. This board provides a faster way to connect devices and reduce the possibility of wiring errors. This board has four integrated drivers digital for direct connection to the motors.


• IEEE 1284 Standard compatible.

• Based on the DRV8711 Stepper Motor Controller.

• Support for up to 150 KHz optoisolation on step and direction signals.

• Built-in Passive Low Pass Filters for the all signal.

• Microcontroller based SCHP.

• Output TTL 5VDC signals.

• Buffered outputs.

• Built-In 1/256-Step Microstepping Indexer.

• Input voltage from 10VDC to 40VDC.

• DIP switch current setting with 8 different value, up to 3A peak.

• Easy installation of an On/Off switch, you can control the card externally.

• Status LEDs on all inputs and output connections.

• Built-in Variable Speed Control.

• 3 Built-in Electromechanical Relays with NO and NC positions.

• Optoisolated inputs working at 5-24VDC.

• Optional setting to have current be reduced to 50% of rated current.

• Screw-On connections for all Terminals.

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