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Want More Power For Your Sherline Lathe or Mill?

For some, the low power OEM motor is just fine. For others, they must have more power. For those who do longer cutting time, they need a continuous duty commercial grade motor. Or maybe you need both. How does 750 watts or 1,200 watts of power sound?

You can now grab one of our commercial grade continuous duty brushless VFD motors with driver. They are a direct fit to both Sherline mills and lathes as well as our Heavy Duty headstocks. No more frustration from low power, overheating or dead OEM Sherline motors from hard use.


  • Manual or CNC Speed Control (0-5v or PWM)
  • High Efficiency Brushless Motor (no brushes to wear out!)
  • Controller Can Apply Full Torque At Even Low RPM's
  • Commercial Grade DIN Mountable Brushless VFD Driver
  • Optional Knob Speed Control with Engage, Brake & Reverse Switches
  • Optional 2 Step Pulley
  • Heavy Duty Motor to Headstock Mounts

Our customers love these motors because of the amazing power and cool they run. Step-up to a commercial grade system for your mill or lathe! See the store for purchasing info.