Amazing Accuracy for Demanding Users You no longer have to deal with the, “just OK”, accuracy of the Sherline chucks...or the super tiny Sherline WW collet system that don’t allow for thick or longer stock to be held.  Remember, the more surface area that you are clamping...the more surface area you can cut.  Of the ER systems we offer, using our ER32 and ER40 headstocks will allow you the maximum clamping surface area and the largest stock holding capabilities. What You Get In Our ER Spindle Pre-Loaded Headstocks - - Precision ER spindle TIR .0005” or better - Collet nut and wrench - Precision ball bearings good to 8,000RPM (24,00rpm with hybrid anuglar contact bearing upgrades and balancing)
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Sherline(TM) ER Collet Spindle Headstock
Please visit our store HERE or contact us for purchasing headstocks or optional parts 269-743-1919 Mon. - Fri. 9am to 5pm We accept Paypal, Check (must clear first), wire Transfer ($25 wire fee)
Special note about the pulley: You will need to resize the stock pulley I.D. to fit the spindle. Some prefer to make their own pulley to fit the headstock. Others may not.  We offer a 3 step pulley.
All spindles are made to order. Approx. 6 weeks to grind, harden, balance, build and then ship.
We now offer completely sealed option for our angular contact bearings! ZERO lube maintenance! Visit Our Store Visit Our Store
Do You Want To Use 3”, 4” or 5” Jaw Chucks? How About MT3 Collets? You can now use most standard 3” jaw chucks or, 4” to 5” Jaw Chucks with an adapter plate.  Your new Sherline headstock also has a MT3 bore for collets! You will get: Quad ABEC-5 Bearings .0005” TIR MT3 Collet bore for upto 0.75” precision work holding You can use more robust jaw chucks, chuck for 3”, can use adapter You can use 4” or 5” chucks with adapter and headstock riser 2 step pulley available or you can bore a stock Sherline Pulley Price: Please Visit The Store For Price Build time is currently 3 weeks.  Rush orders may be available at a premium.
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Heavy Duty Grade ER Collet Headstocks