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Sherline(TM) ER Collet Spindle Headstock
We started as a small manufacturing facility for performance engine parts and continue in that line of business today.  In the beginning, we searched high and low to find super precision tool setups for small lathes and mills. We settled on a Sherline CNC system and discovered it’s limitations on precision immediately.  Everything seem to be off by up to several thousandths, even after taking considerable time to dial everything in.  The Sherline product line up is great for the hobbyist, but it is just not suited for some industrial applications...until now. Necessity is the Mother of Invention After much trial and error, we developed our own adaptations to make our Sherline lathe a super precision machine.  Developing a collet system that could handle long stock was the key for us.  Amazingly, we were soon putting out parts with precision down to +/-.00005” out of round...and that was even beyond the specifications of the headstock itself!  With this success, we decided...”Hey, if we love our setups so much, maybe others are looking for the same!”.  So, there it is in nut shell.... MAS, LLC 56 Piper Ave Battle Creek MI 49017 269-743-1919
Terms and Conditions All of our headstocks leave here fully tested.  We offer a 60 replacement warranty against defective parts for electronics and 90 days for non electronics.  Wearable items, such as cutting tools and bearings do not carry a warranty, however, they may be returned within 30 days if defective. Buying pays for shipping to us and we will pay for return shipping.  We do not cover damage during installation or use (which I’m sure you know, but we had to say it).We are not responsible for any injury directly or indirectly relating to the use of our products.  Please make sure to always use proper safety procedures and equipment.We do our best to make sure our website is updated and there are no errors.  As our products change, the actual specifications or product appearance may change.  We may also make the occasional typographical error too. All orders are considered custom made and therefore once placed, are non-refundable. We make every effort possible to get orders out as soon as possible. However, sometimes things come up and can delay shipments. It's not uncommon for us to sell out of parts when big orders come in. This can delay shipments.
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