Sherline(TM) ER Collet Spindle Headstock
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Need the Ultimate in Sherline(TM) Precision? You can now have the super precision and flexibility with our new patent pending ER25, ER32, ER40 and ER50 for the Sherline lathe, mill or custom setup!  Our headstocks come preloaded with the spindle and bearing into a Sherline head casing.  We use them in our everyday manufacturing process for our sister companies for precision .0005” TIR.  In fact, we turn parts with our ER systems with .0005”+/- everyday...even though the Sherline headstock’s say they aren’t even rated for that kind of precision.  Here are some benefits.... - Ridged Work Holding Hold your work piece much more securely than ever possible before.  The tiny WW Sherline collets 1160 & 1162 or the Sherline chucks can’t even come close. The more surface area that you have clamped the better, right?  You bet!  Plus, our spindles have a through hole for extra long stock.  - Larger Work Piece Size for Lathes and Tool Size for Mills Here is a breakdown of what your new Sherline collet spindle system can hold size wise: ER25 For collet sizes 1/16” to 5/8” - Through hole is .30”(optional .55”) ER32 For collet sizes 3/32” to 25/32” - Through hole is .55” (optional .789”) ER40 For collet sizes 1/8” to 1” - Through hole is .55” (optional .789”) ER50 For collet sizes .394” to 1.339” Through hole .789” You can now hold work pieces up to 1” in diameter in your lathe or your mill using collets.  This truly allows you to get the most flexibility out of your Sherline like never before.  Imaging the different end mills and cutters you can choose from or even a 3D alignment indicator or edge finder systems with a 3/4” shank!
Do you like the idea of ultra solid work holding with your Sherline lathe OR ultra solid tool holding with your Sherline mill using a ER collet system?
Universal Headstock? FACT: About 70% of or headstocks are sold to companies and engineers for custom projects.
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Our Sherline ER products are used by the following university labs:
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