Amazing Accuracy For Demanding Users

You no longer have to deal with the, “just OK”, accuracy of the Sherline chucks...or the super tiny Sherline WW collet system that don’t allow for thick or longer stock to be held.  Remember, the more surface area that you are clamping...the more surface area you can cut.  Of the ER systems we offer, using our ER32, ER40 and ER50 headstocks will allow you the maximum clamping surface area and the largest stock holding capabilities. Our ER25 offers the smallest collet sizes.

What You Get With Our ER, MT3 & R8 Pre-Loaded Headstocks -

  • Precision spindle TIR .0005" or better
  • Collet Nut For ER Models
  • Precision ABEC-5 Ball Bearings Come Standard (Sherline OEM is lower grade ABEC-1)
  • Optional ABEC-7 & ABEC-9 Angular Contact Bearings Available
  • Option of OEM Sherline headstock casing or our Heavy Duty Headstock casing
  • Sealed Zero Maintenance Bearings
  • Thru hole up to .790" for ER spindles (ER25 will have a smaller ID)

ER Spindle Headstocks

You may choose from ER25, ER32, ER40 and even the HUGE capacity ER50 models. We always recommend going with our Heavy Duty Headstock option.

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The Heavy Duty Headstock Casing

As you probably know, both Sherline and Taig have somewhat small headstock casings. Because both us and our customers demanded more from our headstocks, we needed to design a casing with more "meat". The biggest reason was bearing size. A more robust spindle really needs a larger bearing set. The OEM headstock casings just wouldn't support this. You'll get a 62mm OD bearing with the Heavy Duty Headstocks. Our Heavy Duty Headstocks are a direct fit to Sherline and will fit a Taig with an available adapter.

What Do You Get With Our Latest Generation of Headstock Casings?

  • Motor Can Be Mounted On Either Side
  • Accepts Both The Sherline OEM Motor OR Our Motor Upgrade
  • 6 Bolt Flange Mounts On The Side (Great if you decide to use your headstock for a custom made machine)
  • You Can Use Your Headstock On Both Sherline & Taig (Taig requires adapter)
  • Extra "Meat" Built Into the Headstock Allows for Drilling and Tapping If Needed
  • More Mass Means Superior Vibration Handling with Better Finish and Accuracy
  • Uses Larger 62mm ID Bearings For Better Load Handling & Vibration Management

R8 ATC Ready Headstock

You can now upgrade your Sherline mill with an R8 headstock. This will also allow you to use the Tormach Tooling System for rapid tool changes..or use TTS for your own Automatic Tool Changer (we provide the headstock and are an autorized TTS dealer, however you'll need to design the rest of it for ATC).  You're new R8 headstock opens up a whole word of new cutter options and tool holders for your Sherline. Plus, just like our ER headstocks, you can get upgraded bearing for very high precsion. See our store for more info.